Church Pianos are rather unique in a way. They sit idle
for most of the week, and then are brought to life on
Sunday. Now I realize this is not always the case, but
many times it is. The worse thing however is the
humidity issue. During the week especially during the
winter, the poor piano sits alone in an empty church.
Then all of a sudden the room is full of people. Alive
people. Breathing people. People bringing moisture into
the room. Now as you already know moisture is not
always a bad thing. The problem here is the fluctuation.

From dry to humid. Dry to humid. Dry to humid. This
causes the many wooden parts in the piano to contract
and then shrink. Over and over. As you might imagine
over time this is not doing the piano any good. If any
piano is a great candidate for the Dampp-Chaser system
it is the Church piano.