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BUYING A USED PIANO?................

Do you know what to look for? Just because it
has a beautiful finish on the outside does not
mean she is beautiful on the inside. What good
is a piano if she cannot be tuned? Not much
good at all. Do you know how to check for
Can you tell if the piano needs to be regulated?
Can you tell if the pinblock has been doped?
Can you tell if the plate had been welded?
There are several reasons why you should not
buy certain pianos. Some pianos may need
more work to repair than they may be worth.
Even if you are getting the piano for free, how
free is it if you need to spend hundreds of
dollars to make the piano playable. For a very
reasonable price which may save you a great
deal of money and heartache I will check that
piano out and let you know what if any repairs
are needed to bring her to a playable level or
whether or not she is a good candidate for the