The wood in your piano needs a certain amount of water.
However having too much or not enough can both have
damaging effects. Not enough water and your soundboard
may crack, wood pieces can dry up and separate at the joints.
This also has a direct effect on your pianos tuning, causing
most pianos to go flat.
Too much water and your pianos wooden parts tend to swell
and the next thing you know your keys become sluggish or
they stick. Of course your tuning will go off because your
soundboard will swell and put more pressure on the bridges
which in turn puts pressure on the strings.
Most Pianos are made to exist at 42% relative humidity.
However because of seasonal changes and home heating and
air conditioning, this is rarely the case. In fact the worst thing
is that your piano fluctuates in it's relative humidity and this
up and down swinging of humidity causes most piano
problems. Church and school pianos suffer the most as these
buildings are at one time fully occupied with people, raising
the humidity. Then the buildings are empty, lowering the
The best cure?
The installation of a Dampp-Chaser  piano life-saver  system.
This system will maintain your piano's relative humidity levels
at 42% plus or minus 5%. When I tune your piano I will check
your humidity level . I will also give a free information packet
that will give you more information on the system so you can
decide whether or not you can benefit from the system and
whether or not you want to prolong your piano's Life. Also
exclusively from When I install your
system you not only get a GREAT price break but a FREE
bottle of Treatment and a FREE pad change once a year if
done with a tuning. Thats at least a $20 saving each year.

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